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Fresh Oysters for sure!

Fresh oysters should smell of iodine. If they are spoiled, you can tell immediately by their

strong smell. Then the oyster must not be eaten. The shell must always be completely

closed and the flesh of the oyster should be firm. If it is spongy or milky, it should not be


Fresh oysters can also be recognized if the edge quickly retracts when touched. To do

this, drop a drop or two of lemon juice on the oyster. If the edge then pulls together

slightly, it is fresh and can be enjoyed. If you don't have a lemon at hand, you can also use

a small knife for the freshness test.

You may also tap the oyster. If it does not sound hollow, the oyster liquid, the lifeblood of

the oyster, is present and the oyster is alive.

If you follow these tips, fresh oysters can be very reliably distinguished from spoiled

oysters. Important to know: Even with fresh oysters, a spoiled oyster may be present

from time to time. This is in the nature of things.

Recommendation: Clean the oysters briefly with a brush before eating.

Enjoy the pleasure of fresh oysters!

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